Lakota Legacy Tank

Lakota Legacy Tanks are a direct product of Lakota Tank Company. Designed by rainwater experts, Alan and Amy Rossing, these steel tanks are 100% manufactured in the USA and feature a sloped roof.

Lakota Legacy Tanks are made of steel and can be customized to fit your specific color and sizing needs. They are rust-resistant, fire-resistant, UV rays resistant, and long-lasting even without painting.

  • Sizes can vary from 3,000 gallons to over 1,000,000 gallons.
  • Tanks feature a 30-degree sloped roof.
  • Uses for these tanks include rain harvesting, fire prevention, agriculture/irrigation, well water storage, municipal water storage, and more.
  • Colors can vary based on your needs.
  • Additional add-ons can be arranged such as ladders for easier access on larger tanks.

Check out this installation of a 15,000-gallon three-ring Lakota Legacy Tank!

Tank Sizes & Colors

The Lakota Legacy Tank comes in a variety of standard sizes and capacities to meet your water storage needs. Learn more here.

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