Bottomless Tanks

Whether you’re looking to build a swimming pool, livestock tank, or fishpond, bottomless tanks are versatile and flexible for many different uses! 

For a unique swimming experience or a reliable solution for your agricultural needs, our bottomless tanks have got you covered.

  • Gauge Options: Choose between the rugged 12-gauge or the durable 14-gauge variant, tailored to accommodate different sizes and purposes.
  • Variety of Widths: Our bottomless stock tanks are available in various widths, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your requirements.
  • No Floor, Endless Possibilities: As the name suggests, our tanks come without a floor, which opens up a world of possibilities. Instead of a fixed depth, you have the flexibility to adjust the water level to your preference.
  • Liner Recommendations: While the tank itself offers exceptional strength and durability, we recommend using liners sourced from reputable pool companies or trusted online sources to enhance the pool’s longevity and maintenance.
  • Unique Colors: Do you have a specific aesthetic or color in mind? We offer a variety of colors to fit your needs. Click here to browse.

Unleash the fun and relaxation that awaits you with a Sioux Steel Bottomless Stock Tank!

About Sioux Steel Bottomless Stock Tanks

  • 12 gauge galvanized steel sidewalls making it the heaviest corrugated tank made.
  • Formed, 12 gauge flanged top is one piece, same as sidewall
  • Every seam has a single row of 5/8 hardware for superior strength.

Bottomless Stock Tanks – turn your backyard fantasy into a reality.

While these “pools” are originally designed as water troughs for livestock, they offer an accessible and cost-effective alternative for those without traditional pools.

With various sizes available, you can easily set up a stock tank pool in any outdoor space. Add a pump for a more traditional pool experience and explore the exciting possibilities of incorporating these robust plunge pools into your backyard oasis. 

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