Agricultural & Livestock Containment

We are proud Dealers for Sioux Steel Company, a leader in innovative containment solutions. From Grain Bins to large Pro-Tec Buildings, we can help.

Pro-Tec Building Applications

Grain Storage
Hay Storage
Salt / Sand
Livestock Beef Cattle
Livestock Dairy Cattle
Livestock Swine
Horse Shelters
Ag Storage
Farm Equipment
Personal Storage


Popular Grain Bin Applications

Farm Bins
E Series Bin
Farm/Comm Systems
Commercial Bins
Hopper Bins


Sioux Steel containment products can be used for agricultural, industrial, and residential purposes. There are a variety of structures that have been developed as weather-proof, long-lasting solutions.

Farm Bins

Sioux Steel Farm Bins are the only bins in the industry designed for grains weighing up to 64 lb/bushel! The industry standard is just 60 lb/bushel.

Capacities are calculated at a 28-degree angle of fill, based on ASAE Standard: S413.1 and include 6% compaction & 769kg/m3 bulk density. All bins are designed for storage of grain and/or free-flowing materials not exceeding 51 lb/ft3 (55 lb/ft3 including compaction).

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Commercial Bins

Capacities are calculated at a 28-degree angle of repose (grain 1” below eave), based on ASAE Standard: S413.1 and include 6% compaction. All bins are designed for storage of grain and/or free-flowing materials not exceeding 51 lb/ft3 (55 lb/ft3 including compaction). 

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Hopper Bins

Standard, medium, and heavy-duty hopper tanks with custom designs are available. We are proud to offer the only medium-duty structure in the industry!

Standard Duty 12′ – 18′ Hopper for Farm Bins

Medium Duty 15′ – 21′ Hopper for Commercial Bins 

Heavy Duty 15′ – 36′ Hopper for Commercial Bins for loading, working & storage of grain


E Series Bins

The E Series Bin is a high-quality, economical bin option.

E Series Bin Features

  • Designed for free-flowing grains with a maximum un-compacted bulk density of 45# per cubic foot.
  • Available in 36’-48’ diameters in 5-10 rings tall.
  • Roofs are 30 degrees with 4” tall roof ribs.
  • Roofs are designed to 2012 IBC and rated for 6000# peak loading, 30 PSF ground snow loading, and 105 mph wind. Optional higher load ratings are available.

Accessories are available to make your bin a complete system, ready to protect and store your valuable crop(s). Click here to view all the available accessory options, such as ladders and stairs, access points, floors, grain spreaders, and more.

Pro-Tec Buildings

Pro-Tec Buildings protect against the elements. The tough, tightly woven polyethylene fabric cover resists tearing and leakage, keeping your investments protected and safe. These structures have been engineered for stability and strength.

Engineered to meet Int’l. Bldg. Code standards. Our Pro-Tec Buildings follow the most recent building codes while focusing on maximizing the features and benefits you get for the money. The many applications include livestock shelters, commodity storage, and flat grain storage.

Our Pro-Tec Buildings highlights include the use of all high-strength steel, “cross-braced” frames, rolled chords, universal wall attachments, storage capabilities, conveyor capabilities, simplified construction, and much more, making these buildings a state of the art investment for any application.

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