Commercial Tanks

Commercial tanks are larger in size and best for businesses or large industrial organizations. These tanks can be used for potable or non-potable needs.


Commercial tanks provide a heavy-duty configurable storage solution for even the most demanding projects. These tanks offer improved durability and volume capacity. 


Large-Scale Solutions

Lakota Tank Company’s commercial tanks are ideal for businesses or industrial organizations that require larger storage capacities. Commercial tanks can come in a wide array of materials, sizes, and colors. 

Tank Materials

Metal Tanks

Metal tanks are typically made of steel or some combination of steel and alloy metals. 

Underground Tanks

Underground storage tanks (USTs) are popular when space is limited or the tank needs to be hidden.

Poly & Fiberglass Tanks

Poly and fiberglass tanks are cost-effective and durable. Poly tanks come in an assortment of colors.

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